State Journal-Register: “Report Sheds Light on Local School Changes”

(Springfield, IL – November 25, 2017) “Every school district in the area saw its low-income population rise, and in the case of some communities, more than double.  The rise in low-income students has been especially stark in Riverton. Enrollment has been relatively flat, but the percentage of low-income students has skyrocketed from 28 percent to 58 percent.  Superintendent Lance Thurman, who was hired four years ago, said the jump can be explained, in part, because Riverton has seven mobile home parks, some of which have expanded in recent years, and a number of apartment buildings.  “The rentals encourage more of short-term stay than in other communities I’ve been associated with,” he said.

Ball-Chatham also saw its low-income population more than double as the community has expanded, as has Rochester. Jacksonville, Taylorville, Pawnee and Springfield also have seen significant jumps.  Out of all the districts, Waverly has remained the most level, only inching up from 35.2 percent to 35.4 percent.” Continue reading at

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